Get Smart Gadgets - I spy with my little eye...
Get Smart Gadgets supplies electronic smart and covert gadgets in Australia for personal, professional and family use.
Our ever-expanding gadget range includes:
  •  MP3 Player Sunglasses
  •  Video Camera Pens
  •  Video Camera Sunglasses
  •  Video Camera Clocks
  •  IR Night Vision Clocks
  •  Video Camera Baseball Caps
  •  Wireless IP Cameras

Our gadgets are used for a variety of purposes, such as:
Family and Recreation Use
  •  Family/holiday fun and memories
  •  Bush walking 
  •  Bike riding
  •  Fishing
  •  Extreme sports
  •  Races
  •  Skiing
Camera Clock
  •  Gifts to friends and family

 Professional/Business/Educational Use
 •   Interviewing
 •   Note-taking (meetings, lectures)
 •   Surveillance (gathering evidence)
 •   Gifts to colleagues

Home and Personal Security
•   Home security
•   Nanny cam
•   Kid cam 
•   Pet cam 
•   Office security
•   Boat and caravan security 

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